For the past 15+ years we have been with our Albanian Community in USA, serving clients in traveling. We have built their trust by considering them as a part of our big family. Although we are far from our home country which makes us close with each other.We are here for you 24/7 and take care of you if things go wrong Instead, you’ll find personal Travel Experts who’ll tailor itineraries that suit you.


We are a full service travel retailer.One big advantage of traveling with Albania Travel is that we’re not like any other travel retailer. We offer much more than just cheap airfare. We offer real value with the flexibility and features our travelers want. We offer genuine advice and experience.

We have stability and financial security. We have been in business long enough, your money is safe with us.

Although based in Brooklyn, New York, We serve the community from all states across the U.S. and the world. Throughout the years we have got to know our clients more and more by building a strong relationship and by being there when they need us.


We are THE Travel Experts. Our Agents are well traveled and have been through intensive training, which means we match the right vacation to each customer.

We have experts in our business on every vacation and destination. We can find out everything you need to know. We will apply our knowledge to produce itineraries that meets your time and price needs.


We have deals and vacation packages that you won’t get anywhere else.We plan your vacation at no extra cost.
We can offer affordable prices through our Price Beat Guarantee Program.